The Millionaire Cartel, towards new horizons with the golden design

The Marche region footwear brand adds a touch of luxury and splendor with noble materials and pure gold

The soul of the Marche region brand The Millionaire Cartel is passion, care and desire to create original and valuable footwear. Every tiny and meticulous detail strongly represents the best of Made in Italy artisan fashion and makes these products unique. Pure gold plates (in white, pink, yellow and black gold versions) and a mix of traditional and innovative materials make each creation an artwork.

The shoe box is also entirely handmade and equipped with a gold-cleaning kit. Each item is created in a limited edition with a series number; some models are branded and signed by celebrities, symbolizing very high-quality standards.

Vincenzo Iaquinta guest of The Millionaire Cartel at the latest edition of Micam