Theonemilano Special Featured By Micam92

Restarting together. Slow fashion items for the haut-à-porter exhibition in September, in person, at Fiera Milano Rho

The show’s really back on the road! A grand return to events with people attending in person: something we’ve all been longing for and have now achieved. TheOneMilano the women’s haut-à-porter Exhibition is raring to get going again. #RestartTogether

The September edition of the TheOneMilano will see people coming back to the Fieramilano Rho exhibition complex once again, from 19 to 21 September, where a Special Edition featured by MICAM Milano – the international exhibition for the footwear sector – will be taking place for the second year running.

“We are working very hard in anticipation of this long-awaited in-person event, trying to get international buyers, who make up 63% of our visitors, involved as much as possible. The location of Fieramilano Rho is one where all safety regulations and social distancing rules are complied with,” explained Elena Salvaneschi, TheOneMilano CEO. She continued: Exhibiting together with Micam means creating a synergy between the various trade sectors and offering buyers the widest range of options possible.”

TheOneMilano, the Haut-à-Porter Exhibition, is the home of storymakers: independent, creative, innovative businesses that convey the “history of production” by means of the SLOW FASHION collections that they themselves have made, all painstakingly crafted items in noble, top-quality materials. So the purely “aesthetic” exhibition makes way for the consummate skills of Made in Italy companies, and for the positive endorsement of tailored garments made by people to be worn by people.

At the September exhibition a whole section will be turned into a photography set to shine a spotlight on this concept and the raw materials and sustainable production processes it involves. The same companies will be revealing their virtuous business stories via video and content that will focus on their skills, as well as the human and craft aspect of their output, based on the enterprise and creativity required to produce quality garments and items using noble materials that are made to last for generations, thanks also to their suitability for being reused and repaired.

The project will start with the September TheOneMilano exhibition and carry on through to February’s with a series of in-depth webinars for international markets. It is being supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by ICE, which via its network of offices around the world will show international buyers the consummate skills of a sector that has great faith in its exceptional know-how and hands it down from generation to generation, reinventing the traditional procedures of their trade every day to ensure they are always up-to-
date, and will show the skills of companies that produce unique, different collections with craftsmanship and passion.

TheOneMilano Special featured by Micam will therefore be an open exhibition in every sense, with a vocabulary that is innovative and representative of the exhibition itinerary, a natural complement to and development on from the flagship event in February.
“The partnership with Micam is proof of the will, perfectly reflected in the values of Confindustria Moda that we are members of, to network,” Elena Salvaneschi continued. “We want to carry on offering our customers increasingly complete, cutting-edge services and to always come up with ever more useful, real-world tools for them. It is a model that we are replicating with agreements that help our companies to create other ‘extended exhibitions’.”

Thanks to its collaboration with ICE, Micam, Sistema Moda Italia and EMI, TheOneMilano is promoting “Made in Italy” around the world, taking its exhibitors to roadshow-exhibitions in Seoul, Kiev, Almaty and Moscow.

TheOneMilano will also be taking place digitally on its AlwaysOnShow platform, which has been blazing a trail for a new way of doing business since 2017.

During the September 2021 edition platform will feature digital presentations of the exhibitors’ collections, together with in-depth “walk throughs” to also show the details to the buyers who for various reasons can’t come to Milan when the exhibition is taking place. There will also be Sneak Peak “capsules” to provide Buyers with a Slow Fashion purchasing guide, together with a summary of the colour trends for winter 2022/2023.

“We were very pleased with many aspects of the exhibition last March: in spite of it being 100% digital, TheOneMilano performed excellently. This is the path we will continue to follow: currently our platform – up and running for four years now and developed in line with the latest trends thanks to the support of Ice – makes us a year-round online exhibition with peaks of activity a month and a half before and after the exhibition season, coinciding with the sales campaigns,” Salvaneschi concluded.

Between 15 February and 23 April this year, TheOneMilano’s platform had more than 25,000 users, including approximately 9,000 verified buyers, with more than 32,000 sessions and almost 70,000 page views.