Todesco Spraying Innovation, “Investing in technology and believing in partnership”

The owners of Todesco, a company exhibiting at international trade fairs in China and at Simac Tanning Tech, outline their guidelines and goals in view to 2024

“Investing in technology, as we have always done in our company, and believing in partnerships with other companies.” These are the future scenarios, starting from the imminent 2024, of the owners of Todesco srl, headquartered in Creazzo (Vicenza), leader in the production of high-performance finishing lines used by the best and most important tanneries worldwide. The Veneto-based company was founded in 1976 as GT Todesco Snc, and is now run by sons Paolo and Giorgio: we met them at their stand during Tanning Tech in Milan. Just few weeks before, they also attended ACLE Shanghai.
“For our company,” assure Paolo and Giorgio Todesco, “2024 and the following years will be all about continuity. However, we consider the work carried out in the last period to be important and significant, despite Covid and other problems, which have penalized and slowed down the world economy. One of our prerogatives has been to continually propose innovations, and to be recognized as forerunners. In addition to this, the market today asks us to survive, through lower costs, low energy consumption, emission compliance, less impactful processes and traceability, but at the same time it demands quality, high performance and machines able to work non-stop so to meet deadlines. It would be counterproductive, in a market in such need of solutions, to stand still or wait: it is not just a choice for our industry background, it is what we believe we must do.”
The main news launched by Todesco at the 2023 edition at Tanning Tech and presented to the Italian and international market was the Purple system, an innovative finishing process, carried out with the collaboration of the GSC Group, which has developed the necessary chemical products. Purple, the result of a Todesco patent filed on four continents, represents the first and only machine in the world that allows leathers to be dried at low temperatures, using UV rays as process activators and accelerators: the use of ultraviolet rays represents a catalyst in the cross-linking reactions of the chemical product. “Partnerships between leading companies in their respective fields – the Todesco brothers’ say – will portray the coming years, precisely with the aim of guaranteeing innovative ideas at the highest potential. Not everything will be so easy, but opportunities must be seized, and sometimes there is a price to pay, also because initially the market may not share these choices: in the end it will be the numbers that speak, especially when it comes to economic results, sustainability and market positioning. Those who do not proceed along these lines will exit the market: once upon a time, one could count on the strength of the district, know-how, chemical producers and machinery, now leather production is globalized.”
“Our path is already mapped out,” conclude Paolo and Giorgio Todesco, “even for 2024 we have already planned a series of investments and projects drawn up by our technical department, which is the company department with the largest number of employees, and this is where ideas and projects come from. Those who do not invest in new technologies in the future risk disappearing, but it takes tenacity and determination. The Purple system is a project we have been working on for three years, there are others in which we have invested a lot of money and which are still sitting in a drawer, some of which are perhaps too far ahead of market requirements.”

Giorgio e Paolo Todesco

PURPLE is the innovative finishing process, the first and only in the world, which allows to dry the leather at low temperatures, using UV rays as activators and process accelerators.

  • Drying top color and top coating process temperature is lower than 40° C
  • Crosslinked polymers are cold catalyzed
  • Significant reduction of energy costs and carbon footprint in the finishing process
  • Utilization of very low VOC chemicals
  • Substantial decrease in skin stickiness
  • Marked reduction in the sintering effect during spraying