Tecno Minuterie, everything you need for the safety, outdoor and military shoes

Tecno Minuterie Group, a leading company founded in 1986 as a manufacturer of items for safety and military shoes, produces a wide range of shredded products necessary for safety and military shoes.

At the latest edition of Lineapelle, the Tecno Minuterie Group presented the GN 400 speed lace with rotating ball, a technical article that has met the praise from the world of outdoor and safety shoes; the success of this article prompted the company to complete the series with two other speed laces, the GN 402 and the GN 403.
This new series is also acclaimed by the world of military shoes as an alternative to the more well-known zamak hooks. Even these items, like the rest of the collection, are meticulously made with certified materials following the strictest regulations in terms of sustainability and environmental impact.