Uniwork, sustainable reliability at the service of people

First-rate safety standards, functional design, and a keen eye for style research and for details: all the models produced by Uniwork are designed to fulfil workers’ multiple requirements, so as to safeguard and enhance human capital. A steady commitment, that goes hand in hand with an in-depth work of market intelligence and trend analysis, in order to grasp the sector’s demands well in advance, as well with significant investments in R&D activities and in technological innovation. The final result is an ample range of cutting-edge solutions, specifically manufactured with top-quality materials and components, conceived to ensure both the highest safety standards in all working conditions and comfort, aesthetic care and functionality.
Special attention has been always paid to the study, design and making of the components, in order to provide, according to the work environment’s specific conditions, the most suitable protection devices: ranging from soles and insoles, devised to prevent any damage to the feet, to anti-perforation mid-plates, available in steel or fabric, without forgetting toe-caps and linings, fully compliant with the standards set by the European regulations, ISO EN 12568 and ISO EN 20345 respectively.
Established in 1996, Uniwork is one of Over Teak Srl’s reference brands, an internationally renowned company with a global scope: a true benchmark for the safety footwear sector, thanks not only to the quality and variety of its product portfolio, but also to its active role in the promotion of a safety-oriented culture that fosters key values such as prevention and occupational responsibility. A firm completely at the service of people, of companies and of their demands, a byword for expertise and reliability, of honesty and transparency, with a keen eye for sustainability, environmental safeguard, and protection of the territory.
The company is equipped with a cutting-edge photovoltaic system on the roof of its plant, based in Barletta, which is being enlarged by 160 kWp in addition to the existing 405 kWp, thus contributing to the development of sustainable communities, as well as improving people’s lives and the environment, in line with a future vision aimed at promoting virtuous behavior.
Said mission has been pursued over the years with passion and determination, thus helping Uniwork reach incredible achievements, including the certifications ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and SA8000 (Social Accountability) – a perfect example of the firm’s commitment when it comes to ethical, social, and environmental responsibility, a commitment praised by customers and institutions alike.