Valfussbett, never-ending evolution

Valfussbett, the established footwear company based in Valdagno, is once again positioning itself at the forefront of the industry with increasingly innovative, performing and sustainable proposals

In business for over forty years, the Veneto company Valfussbett is synonymous with quality anatomic insoles, with its wide range of polyurethane insoles. Experience and production capacity are the company’s founding components that, combined with a constant commitment to the search for new production solutions and materials with innovative technical characteristics, drive the company into continuous growth. In addition to standard articles, Valfussbett offers maximum availability to customer requests, accompanying them step by step throughout the entire manufacturing process, from sampling to the production of the final article, thus obtaining a 100% Made in Italy product, matching client demands as closely as possible. Among the most innovative recently developed products, undoubtedly stands out the revolutionary DryGo!, aimed at redefining the concept of comfort in lifestyle and outdoor footwear, offering an unprecedented experience for the feet of millions of people worldwide. Initially, DryGo! was developed for the lifestyle and outdoor sector, where it was a success due to its comfort and breathability. Subsequently, once it saw an enormous potential also in the Work & Safety sector, where workers need shoes that are both safe and comfortable, the company decided to aim for a significant share of this market throughout Europe. As a matter of fact, DryGo!
represents a real leap forward in footwear technology. Its distinguishing feature is the innovative breathability system, which guarantees a fresh and dry feeling all day long. The patented BASF technology is based on a special, highly breathable foam that allows air to circulate freely inside the shoe. This not only promotes ventilation, but also helps prevent the build-up of moisture and bacteria, keeping feet healthy and protected. With the addition of a fourth component, it was finally made antistatic. Attitude towards innovation and constant evolution have allowed Valfussbett to establish itself in the sector, also thanks to policies aimed at sustainability, a theme very much felt by the company, whose warehouses are already equipped with photovoltaic panels and whose waste is disposed of only by selected partners based on their concern for the environment. Valfussbett is also working on entering the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) program, which focuses on reducing the environmental impact of chemicals used in the textile, clothing and footwear industries. Looking to the future, Valfussbett is committed to further improving the quality of its product and service. Luca Bertollo, Sales Director says: “Over time we have specialized in the production of removable insoles and footbeds. It has been a natural evolution and thanks to the constant research and studies we have carried out over the years the company has grown and is still aimed at growing. We are diversifying some activities, especially in Italy and Germany, thanks to the partnership with Loreth, that will allow us to grow in new areas.”

Luca Bertollo