Vibram Arctic Grip Pro, grip-fast shoes for the safety

Arte, Grisport, Jalas, Moderam, Monitor, Sixton Peak, Solid Gear and Technoavia are among the Vibram partner brands that have chosen the performance of the most advanced technology for grip on wet ice intended for the professional world.

Research for many years, development, tests and studies carried out by Vibram, a leading brand in the production of high-performance rubber soles, have led to the evolution of various products created for the outdoor sector and subsequently landed in other contexts of use.
An important example is Vibram Arctic Grip Pro, the most advanced innovative “all rubber” solution ever made by Vibram and intended for the work & safety segment to meet the need for continuous grip when dealing with icy and particularly wet ground in the work area work.
Dedicated to professionals who very often work at low temperatures, Vibram Arctic Grip Pro is combined with Vibram compounds specifically developed for the industrial segment, a fundamental step to make it performing and more durable in very cold industrial winter environments, and in the presence of ice.
In addition, Vibram Arctic Grip Pro complies with European and US legal standards regarding workplace safety.
Vibram partners in the work & safety sector are increasingly choosing the performance of Vibram Arctic Grip Pro technology for their top models.
Among the models powered by Vibram ARCTIC GRIP PRO we mention Arte Artika 777-01 M, a safety boot covered on the upper part by a synthetic material specific for resistance to frost and water, which is characterized by increased grip and performance.
Grisport Polar, on the other hand, is a very robust and resistant work boot ideal in different conditions. Jalas 1398 Heavy Duty Winter GTX is another safety boot with a waterproof characteristic, ideal for the wet and very cold winter season.
Furthermore, Moderam Everest, is a specific safety boot specific for very low temperatures down to -50 °. Monitor Icebreaker, on the other hand, is intended for industrial environments and rigid contexts, while the Sixton Peak Rotor safety boot of the Polar line is designed for the safety workers who are active on icy, snowy and muddy terrains.
For those who need a lightweight, cushioned winter work & safety boot, Solid Gear Tigris GTX AG High responds to the need for grip on slippery surfaces such as wet ice.
Finally, Technoavia Icegard Gor is the safety boot dedicated to professionals who work in constant cold conditions.


Arte Artika 777-01 M

Grisport Polar

Monitor Icebreaker

Sixton Peak Rotor

Jalas 1398 Heavy Duty Winter GTX

Moderam Everest

Solid Gear Tigris GTX AG High

Technoavia Icegard Gor