Wintech, the evolution of safety

WINTECH, boasting a 20-year business history, became a reference point in the field of shoes and boots production worldwide thanks to its excellent technological performances based on core values such as reliability, efficiency and a flexible approach.

These values are the foundations on which the company’s machines are built. Among these, stand out the WLX series injection machines for the production of boots made of thermoplastic materials, whose electrical / hydraulic systems are constantly upgraded in order to ensure high productivity and low energy consumption.
The current topic of energy consumption’s reduction has led the company to focusing on a hydraulic system managed by variable-speed servomotors controlled by inverters, the same featured by the WLX safety boot machines’ series; this guarantees a drastic consumption reduction, up to -60% for the thermoplastic boots machines. Unlike traditional hydraulics, this machine requires energy only when it is really needed. Thanks to the removal of the proportional valves and of the variable displacement pumps, along with a significant reduction of the oil tank volume (-50%), the hydraulic system is simplified and, due also to a lower oil temperature, pumps, hydraulic cylinders and seals last longer.
Benefits are many: reduced costs of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, a noiseless hydraulic unit and less environmental warming made possible thanks to the low temperature of the oil of the circuit and to the high efficiency of the servomotors.
The high efficiency given by the servomotors is the combination of cutting-edge technological hardware, a careful optimization of this technology and an in-depth knowledge of the hydraulic flows dynamics, elements that require a wide expertise. For this reason, Wintech suggests, especially in cases of revamping, to rely exclusively on those operators who really know and produce the systems, in order to achieve the utmost technological benefits.
Wintech, renowned all worldwide for the quality and functionality of its solutions, designs rotating multi-stations machineries, static machines with vertical press, linear multi-stations machines with shift injectors. All machines are equipped for the production of multi-material / multi-color items. Wintech machines are developed in partnership with the client: the company carefully listens and understands the requests of each single customer to consequently create a perfectly customized, extremely reliable system, designed to respond effectively to the needs of efficiency and flexibility.