Wintech: Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Wintech designs and manufactures rotary, multi-station carousel, static vertical press, and linear translating machines with injectors for the production of safety footwear and boots. The company offers customized and reliable solutions that meet the efficiency and flexibility needs of its customers.

A reference point for manufacturers worldwide, Wintech offers a wide range of injection molding machines for boots, soles, and sandals in thermoplastic materials (PVC/TR, SBS/SEBS, EVA), thermoplastic rubbers, and thermoplastic polyurethanes, as well as machinery for processing combined materials (TPU/PU, PU/PU, PU/rubber) for safety or casual shoes.

The line dedicated to the production of EVA soles, sandals, overshoes, and boots is particularly in demand in Europe, thanks to the lightness of the finished product and recent technological improvements that have expanded its applications in the safety sector.

Wintech pays great attention to environmental impact: the hydromechanical system of the machines allows energy savings of up to 50%, and the start & stop technology further reduces consumption. This translates into more sustainable production and improved worker health, thanks to quieter machines that contribute to a healthier work environment.

Wintech Andrea Miotto Lucio Ravazzolo

Andrea Miotto e Lucio Ravazzolo at latest edition of A+A Düsseldorf