Xtannery: pioneering management software for the tanning sector

The tanning sector has always been dynamic and in constant evolution. Thanks to the rise of information technology and new technologies, it has taken a giant step into the future. One of the main figures in this leap forward has been Team Duemila, a technology company based in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa) which in 1985, with its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Xtannery, pioneered the sector by introducing monitoring systems and automation in tanneries, at a time when they were still unused or undervalued. Xtannery is a complete, flexible, integrated and scalable software, offering various functionalities and modules to better manage the activities of specific tanning companies. Talking to sales manager Marco Giunti, the distinctive features of the product emerge strongly. “In the last years,” he explains, “ with lower earnings and margins, it became essential for companies to control costs. When computerisation of tanneries began, – adds Giunti – people were content to manage basic processes (bills, invoices, accounting); today instead it is necessary to have a uniform system that manages the information produced by all the tanning processes.
Often in the tanneries we replace old computer systems that have one or more different software that does not produce homogeneous data; with our system we are able to control all processes and all sectors of the company: accounting, warehouse, production and management control. Our software can be used in all tannery departments, even on the move, using specific apps, and is able to produce uniform statistics with Business Intelligence tools, without the need to add different software. The system allows us to better manage statistics, quality and other important parameters, all with a homogeneous base of data. This is the real difference: to really improve productivity and evolve as a business, the information system must be homogeneous and encompass all the information.” Giunti also emphasised the importance of constant work on research and development, to keep up with the times: “We constantly invest,” he said, “in the training of our personnel and research into new technologies to always be in line with the market needs; in response to our commitment, the most prestigious brands and fashion labels, always careful to choose reliable and computerized suppliers, are relying on us.
We have always worked in the three tanning districts of Arzignano, Santa Croce and Solofra, but we are actually expanding into the rest of the north- east and into Lombardy and since 2020 we have strengthened our presence abroad, thanks to the collaboration with HUNI AG.”


Mauro Bachini

Marco Giunti