Xti, pure fashion for impeccable style.

Lightweight soles. Sporty and technical fabrics. Incredible urban aesthetics. Fun and fresh touch. Urban sneakers are the answer to the most innovative and cutting-edge fashion.

Sneakers are suitable for day and night in many versatile and bold models: the combination of fabrics, the diversity of colors and designs, solutions with and without platforms, leave room to endless possibilities. XTI’s sneakers are made with quality components and they boast a sporty design that enhances comfort.

The Spanish company, renowned worldwide, relies on several retail marketing operators, who, thanks to their knowledge and experience, manage to transfer the essence of the brand and fit it to each client’s soul, to create unique spaces and the best experience for the final consumer.

The brand also thoroughly follows the promotional aspects, providing the best tools for each customer: vinyls, illuminated signs, POS, displays, merchandising, images and videos. A well-rooted network of commercial agents, constantly improving B2B communication, along with the brand’s manufacturing volume and logistical development, result in an outstanding quality and speed of service much appreciated by clients worldwide.

Xti booth’s at Expo Riva Schuh