Zaitex, ZETAPEL PVC/ Tropical test dyes selection

ZAITEX S.p.A. is a 45+ years Italian company, fully focused on the R&D of dyes and auxiliaries both for textile and leather market, plus coloring solutions for ink, varnishes and coatings.
With 4 offices in Italy, two of them are designated for the R&D of leather dyeing and are both strategically located within two main districts of tanning and leather processing, Arzignano (VI) and Fucecchio (FI).
ZAITEX focuses on the technical excellence of applied research to provide the customer with tailor-made dyeing solutions. In the wake of this constant commitment, a ZETAPEL dyes selection has recently been set up for their high resistance to migration on PVC and to the Tropical Test. This dyes range is therefore suitable for the dyeing of leathers intended for the production of fashion items, like bags or shoes, in which the leather color should not transfer onto other materials alongside.
Since the knowledge of the chemical nature of the dye and its behavior according to the substrate to be dyed is crucial to fully satisfy each Customer’s request, therefore the dyes were performed on chrome-tanned leathers.
One of the main strengths of ZAITEX’s tailor-made R&D service is the achievement of intermediate tones through the study of blends of dyes and the bespoke recipe for the customer.